Latest work diaries educational campaign

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15 June 2023 NHVR urges heavy vehicle drivers to carry work diaries in latest educational campaign. The NHVR is reminding heavy vehicle drivers passing through the Marulan Heavy Vehicle Safety Station (HVSS) in New South Wales to carry their National … Read More

BA-triples approved for use in South Australia

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17 January 2023 The NHVR and the South Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) have approved a new configuration – the BA-triple – for use on the road train network on state-controlled roads in South Australia. BA-triples are now … Read More

Registered Training Organisation in Austalia

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In the ever-changing landscape of Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET), Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are key players. RTOs are private businesses that specialise in providing training services to employers and individuals. An RTO or a Registered Training Organisation, is … Read More

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