Daylight saving time – What do you need to do?

29 Sep 22

Daylight saving time – What do you need to do?

Daylight saving time for ACT, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS commences on Sunday 2 October and at 2:00am will require clocks to be turned forward one hour.

The NHVR is reminding drivers travelling outside their normal time zone to ensure they count and record time, including night rests, according to the time zone of their base.

As an example, if a driver’s base as recorded in their work diary is in QLD and they drive into NSW during daylight saving time, they are required to record their work and rest hours in QLD time.

As work diaries record dates and locations, an Authorised Officer will be able to identify the daylight saving time change, but it is also advised that you note on the page ‘daylight saving changes’.

(Info supplied by NHVR On the Road Issue 149)

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