Sharing the Road whilst travelling.

It is the law and not just a recommendation to obey these signs.
You will see them on many long vehicles and some of also have them on their caravans.
NOTE:- only towing vehicles together with trailers and projecting loads over 7.5 metres can legally display these orange and yellow signs.
This can also include many caravan combinations.
The sign is NOT just a recommendation; it is a legal requirement that you do not overtake a vehicle displaying a ‘Do not overtake turning vehicle’ sign when it is indicating its intention to turn.
Remember, if you collide with a turning truck displaying that sign you may be fined or loose your life.
This video explains why you ‘by law’ must not overtake a vehicle displaying a ‘do not overtake turning vehicle sign’.
Stay Truck Friendly and give the trucks some turning space and space to stop.
More on the Truck Friendly website.
Below are the Top 10 Tips from truckies for operating and travelling safely together on our roads:
Sharing rest areas:
Travellers and Road trains
Caravans and Road trains
ALL the above is courtesy of the “Share the Road” website.

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