Border conditions as at 9 July 2020 (COVID 19 Special Update)

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COVID-19 special update


The renewed outbreak of coronavirus in Victoria has prompted significant changes to border requirements across Australia.

We are working hard to collate and provide the most accurate, timely information and will endeavour to keep you informed as things evolve.

We will be continuing to update our dedicated NHVR coronavirus page and our Facebook or Twitter with any changes.

Border conditions as at 9 July 2020:

Please note that individual states and territories are responsible for their own border processes and are the best sources of information for changes. Any application to cross a border is completed and submitted through the relevant state or territory and not through the NHVR.

Australian Capital Territory

Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering ACT from Victoria

  • Freight and logistics operators must apply for an exemption at least 48 hours (wherever possible) before your intended travel date.

Transiting through the ACT for the purposes of freight is also an exempted purpose under the ACT Public Health Emergency Direction issued 8 July 2020.

New South Wales

Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering NSW from Victoria

  • In most cases, people entering NSW from Victoria are required to have a current NSW border entry permit—this includes freight. Services NSW will receive and assess applications.
  • There will be a new permit introduced this afternoon (9 July 2020) that will rectify the current issues with the NSW entry permit (including requiring a NSW address).
  • In the meantime, Freight and Transport workers will still require the current critical services permit to enter NSW, but will not be held to account for any form of self-isolation – Apply for a COVID-19 NSW border entry permit
  • Going forward, the freight industry will be excused from requirements to self-isolate, providing your employer has a COVID-Safe plan in place.
  • COVID-Safe plans and guidelines to assist the industry are also available to align with this additional permit – COVID-19 Safety Plan

Northern Territory

Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering Northern Territory from any other state
• From 17 July 2020 if you have been in a coronavirus hotspot, which includes all of Victoria:
o Any previous exemption is revoked immediately
o You cannot enter the Northern Territory and there are no exemptions being provided–including for freight
• All other people travelling to the Northern Territory must complete the arrival border crossing application.
• Any person providing services for the transport or freight of goods and related logistics into, within or out of the Territory is an exempt person for the purposes of entering the Northern Territory.
• These people must submit an application and have a letter signed by the Chief Health Officer (or their delegate) outlining the conditions under which they can enter the NT and work.
• Truck drivers must practise social distancing measures for 14 days after arriving in the Territory. They may stay in their truck or a hotel if staying overnight.


Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering Queensland from any other state
• From noon July 10 2020 visitors from Victoria will no longer be able to gain access or quarantine in Queensland, unless they are in an exempt category.
• All freight drivers, including those coming from Victoria, will require a border pass that must be renewed every seven days.
• There are no additional quarantine requirements, though drivers should practice social distancing and good hygiene.
• Apply for a Queensland Border Declaration Pass.

South Australia

Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering South Australia from any other state
• As of 9 July 2020 Victorian residents are not permitted to enter South Australia. There are exemptions for essential travellers, which includes freight, and additional conditions around self-quarantine.
• If you are travelling into South Australia, you need to complete the cross border pre-approval form at least 72 hours prior to your arrival.
• Commercial transport and freight drivers who usually reside in Victoria are required to wear a face mask when interacting with the public in South Australia and maintain records of close contacts.
• They must also self-quarantine in South Australia when not undertaking work related duties. They may quarantine in their truck, or other private arrangement provided they are segregated from other people.
• Other commercial transport and freight drivers who enter South Australia in the conduct of their duties are not required to self-quarantine.


Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering Tasmania from any other state

  • Everyone travelling to Tasmania must complete a form. Any visitors who have spent time in Victoria in the 14 days prior to travel are not permitted to travel to Tasmania.
  • This does not apply to Essential Travellers (Specified Persons) from Victoria, who will still be able to apply to travel to Tasmania for a specified purpose. This category includes freight and logistics.
  • Any person granted Essential Traveller status who has spent time in Victoria in the 14 days prior to travel will be required to wear a face mask and limit their movement when not in the workplace.
  • Application for classification as an essential traveller


Is a border pass required? No border pass is required
• There are currently no restrictions on travel within Victoria for freight.
• Industry operators are asked to ensure they adhere to the health and safety protocols to protect their workforces and the public.

Western Australia

Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering Western Australia from any other state
• All heavy vehicle drivers must apply for an exemption under the transport, freight and logistics category to enter Western Australia.
• The quickest and simplest way to apply for an exemption is via the G2G PASS online form.

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