If it’s flooded, forget it


If it’s flooded, forget it

The NHVR is urging all heavy vehicle operators to take steps to ensure safe travel when operating in and around areas affected by heavy rainfall and flooding.

Follow these simple steps when accessing flood-affected areas:

1. Check the local road conditions through state road manager websites. A list of websites with the latest information about road conditions can be found here.

2. If travelling in an affected area, check with local emergency services or recovery operations.

3. Ensure your vehicle is able to travel on the existing network. If you’re travelling outside of these networks, you may need to obtain a permit through the NHVR Portal or call 13 NHVR (13 64 87) for assistance. Avoid using back tracks or off-network roads to get around road closures.

For more information visit www.nhvr.gov.au/news/flooding


(Information supplied by NHVR – On the Road Issue 143)

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