TLIF0005 – Apply a fatigue risk management system – NEW – Driver Course

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You MUST HAVE a webcam on a PC, Laptop, iPad type tablet device in order to do this online course.

If you do not have a webcam capable device then you will NOT be able to do this online course.

The webcam MUST remain ON for the duration of the course.

DO NOT turn off, cover or block the view of the webcam whilst you are logged into the course.

At random times through the course the webcam takes a picture of who answered questions, this is to maintain the integrity of the course by seeing the person who enrolled in the course IS the person answering the questions.

If it is found the webcam is blocked, turned off or covered and there is no vision for those pictures then the assessment is deemed Void and it will be Reset again by assessors.


Undertaking this course Online will require you have Internet access with reasonable speed and at least one of the following:

  • A Computer with a webcam, or
  • A Smartphone with a front facing Camera, or
  • A tablet type device (iPad or Similar) with a front facing Camera, or
  • A laptop with a Camera.

Please ensure you ONLY use “Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge” to access the course and the assessments.

DO NOT USE  Safari, (Internet Explorer) or Firefox as they are known to have issues with accessing the video assessments and it will not allow you to complete the course.

The Camera must be activated while you are on- line doing the course, as part of a continuous verification process, and to enable you to answer any Video based Questions when prompted.

Ensure your Camera and Device are located and used where the Privacy of others can be maintained.

TLIF0005 Apply a fatigue risk management system for truck drivers, is a nationally recognised unit of competency from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package.

NOTE:  A copy of your Driver’s Licence with Photo will be required for Identification purposes with the enrollment.

Participants who demonstrate competence to the required standard will receive a Statement of Attainment in the Unit of Competency TLIF0005 – Apply a fatigue risk management system.

In addition, this unit of competency supports the Basic and Advanced Fatigue Risk Management schemes requirement for Heavy Vehicles under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).

Furthermore, it enables Transport Operators to ensure that suitable knowledge, understanding and practice of fatigue risk management issues for their Drivers and Schedulers are implemented.

This unit of competency forms part of the course for Certificate III in Driving Operations TLI31222.

Course Outcomes

  • As a result, drivers will work in and provide a much safer workplace for themselves and others.
  • You will learn the relevant knowledge, roles and responsibilities required to understand, recognise and manage fatigue as a heavy vehicle driver.
  • All learners must successfully complete all assessments as per course requirements.
  • Finally, successful completion of the unit of competency ensures you comply with the National Heavy Vehicle Legislation and National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) requirements. You will receive a Statement of Attainment.

Delivery Methods available:

  1. Online: Access anywhere, anytime using the internet. Most of all, the site can be accessed using multiple devices.
  2. Group/class environment: Contact KRTS for details on how to arrange for this mode of delivery.

Learners undertaking this course must meet the language, literacy and numeracy requirements of this unit.

Where support is needed, talk with the KRTS Assessor.

Course Duration

  • 4 – 6 hours depending on learner’s experience.


  • The RTO reserves the right to verify the identity of the person enrolled to ensure they are the person doing the course.