AVI30416 – Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations & Service)

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KRTS is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

RTO CODE: 90252

RTO accredited

Please register your interest at enrolment@krtstraining.com.au

Replaces course: AVI30408 – Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations & Service)

NOTE: This course is only offered as a traineeship or a FEE for Service to those already employed in the Industry.

You must be already employed in the Aviation industry (Airline, Airport, Freight Forwarding Co, Ground Handling Co etc) in order to be able to perform the practical sign off components within that workplace environment.

The following information will assist your choices when considering this course provided by KRTS Pty Ltd, a New South Wales Registered Training Organisation (RTO) located in Junee in NSW.

This is a  general qualification for the Aviation Industry.

This course covers the skills and knowledge needed to work in ground operations and service in the aviation industry.

The candidate will learn about policies and procedures, exercising judgement and working within tight time constraints.

Offered as a workplace traineeship to new and existing workers in Airport Ground Operations.

Successful completion will require competency in units that relate to work defined as aligned at AQF Level 3.

Qualifications should be structured to align with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to the occupation concerned.

Performance of a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, where some discretion and judgement is required in the selection of equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints.

 The Certificate:

  • This certificate is Industry standard
  • It is a nationally recognised certification.
  • It requires successful completion of 21 units of competency
  • Jobs roles  in the Industry may include:
    • Baggage Operations
    • Ground Operations
    • Ramp Operations
    • Customer Service Operations (Check-in)
    • Flight Dispatch Operations

The Client:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Will be interviewed to ascertain suitability for the program.
  • Can take advantage of the student services offered by the RTO.
  • Build a career pathway to the next level and beyond in the aviation business.

RTO Information:

  • Information on the RTO can be found under the Student Information Menu
  • Information and help can be obtained through the telephone on: (02) 6924 4046 or by email to info@krtstraining.com.au.


  • To obtain the Certificate you will be assessed in your workplace by an accredited Assessor from KRTS.
  • Assessment is designed to check whether you are competent in the various units covered in this certificate.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment of your work and life experience and any credentials you have gained. This can reduce your actual time in training.
  • You can apply using the RPL kit available to you.

The Units of Competency:

There are 21 units of competency which make up this particular course, 9 x which are CORE units and 12 x which are ELECTIVES. Apart from the 9 x CORE Units which must be undertaken, units of competency are selected and aligned to the tasks being performed as part of your normal duties.


         CORE units:

AVIF0001 – Apply aircraft safety procedures

AVIF0012 – Apply aviation work health and safety procedures

AVIF2010 – Implement regulations and policies during aviation safety and service operations

AVIG2002 – Work effectively in the aviation industry

AVIJ2001 – Contribute to the achievement of on-time performance standards

AVIZ2050 – Maintain security awareness and vigilance in an aviation workplace

TLIE3004 – Prepare workplace documents

TLIJ3002 – Apply quality systems

TLIO3007 – Undertake emergency response action to a security threat


        Examples of ELECTIVE Units:

TLII1002 – Apply customer service skills

AVID2006 – Load and secure aviation freight and baggage

AVIF2024 – Conduct housekeeping activities

TLIK2010 – Use infotechnology devices in the workplace

TLIE1003 – Participate in basic workplace communication

TLID2004 – Load and unload goods/cargo

AVIZ1005 – Maintain basic situational awareness in the aviation workplace

TLIA3008 – Transfer cargo

TLIF1001 – Follow work health and safety procedures

TLIA3015 – Complete receival/despatch documentation

TLIG1001 – Work effectively with others

AVIL3003 – Plan an aircraft load

TLIL1001 – Complete workplace orientation / induction procedures

TLIA2013 – Receive goods

TLIE3012 – Consolidate manifest documentation

AVID2005 – Accept freight for air transport

TLIE2008 – Process workplace documentation

AVIF3016 – Marshal Aircraft

AVIJ2001 – Contribute to the achievement of on-time performance standards

AVIL3002 – Complete aircraft dispatch duties

AVID0002 – Conduct baggage handling operations

AVIW2010 – Operate baggage tug

AVIW3003 – Operate aircraft embarkation / disembarkation equipment

AVIW3004 – Operate ramp equipment

BSBCMM301 – Process customer complaints

BSBCUS301 – Deliver and monitor a service to customers

BSBWOR301 – Organise personal work priorities and development

TLIB2001 – Check and assess operational capabilities of equipment

TLID1001 – Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

TLID2004 – Load and unload goods / cargo

TLID2003 – Handle dangerous goods / hazardous substances

TLIE1005 – Carry out basic workplace calculations

TLIE2007 – Use communication systems

TLIK2003 – Apply keyboard skills

TLIL1001 – Complete workplace orientation / induction procedures

TLIO3007 – Undertake emergency response action to a security threat

TLIO3012 – Manage disruptive and / or unlawful behaviour

For further information on these and other related units visit the website www.training.gov.au. Click on image National Register of VET. When next page opens, in the quick search area under Nationally recognised training type in AVI. This will take you to a page showing AVI, click on the link to find all courses, skill sets and units of competency covered by that training package.


  • As a trainee you will need to be signed up by and enrolled by a representative from:
  • Australian Apprenticeship Centre,
  • KRTS and
  • Your employer


Further Information:

Information is available at/from

KRTS Pty Ltd – Phone: (02) 6924 4046, website: www.krtstraining.com.au or email:info@krtstraining.com.au

Information for You:

Before you complete your enrolment you should have the following:

  • RTO student handbook
  • A RPL Kit
  • Enrolment  & Sign Up Forms