Fatigue Management and Medication:

With winter almost upon us it is timely to be reminded that this is the season for colds and flu. Unless one is a hermit or very lucky, it is hard to avoid getting a dose of flu or a heavy cold. The pharmaceutical industry ramps up the marketing of various cures and preventatives.
Flu vaccinations are available. If you are not a senior citizen with free government subsidised jab, you have to pay. There are countless Over –the- Counter (OTC) remedies offered and knowing what is appropriate is a science best left to experts.
As a Heavy vehicle driver, avoiding use of OTC remedies is best practice. Good fatigue management will exclude these medications. Many cause drowsiness and warn against driving or using machinery. They are dangerous.
Go to your GP or local medical practice and seek advice. OTC usage can make fatigue worse, further reducing response times  and increasing the likelihood of micro sleeps while driving..
If OTC’s are present and found in your blood stream during a routine roadside drug test, or after an incident, it could land you in trouble with the law. Make sure you are aware of your employers Drug and Alcohol policies.
Work pressure and deadlines are constant factors but adding non-prescribed medications won’t reduce those pressures, just add to them. Manage sickness as part of your fatigue management routine. Avoid using OTC’s.

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