Fatigue management and driver health and fitness.

Often we are asked if we need to see the heavy vehicle driver’s medical records and reports as part of the fatigue management training assessments.
While there is an obvious link between the two, we have to keep in mind that fatigue management training doesn’t include reviewing medical reports on driver capability or suitability.
However, Drivers and Operators should be aware of changes and requirements as set out in the National Transport Commission (NTC) 2016 publication: “Assessing Fitness to Drive.”
This publication details state and territory approved medical standards for driver licensing and fitness for work for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities. An information kit can be downloaded from:
Three useful forms for Drivers and health professionals can be downloaded from the following link.

Driver health questionnaire:
The Driver Health Questionnaire is a screening tool to help identify conditions that might affect a person’s capacity to drive safely. It is completed and signed by the driver at the health assessment appointment.
Clinical assessment record:
This is a tool to guide the health assessment process. It provides a standard format for recording the results by the health professional, of the assessment and the reasons for the fitness to drive conclusions.
Fitness to drive report:
The Fitness to Drive Report summarises the doctor’s findings in terms of whether the driver meets the medical criteria for fitness to drive. The report should not include any clinical information. It covers fitness for duty assessments as required for schemes such as TruckSafe and NHVAS Fatigue Management Accreditation, and not for driver licensing.

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